Email Deliverability - The Inextricable Link Between Audience Engagement & Data Management

More important than merely sending email is ensuring your email is delivered into your target audience's inbox. Please take a few minutes to read our paper on email deliverability.

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With over $7 BILLION raised for conservative campaigns and organizations since 1965, you can't afford to lose out! Contact us now to see how many donors we have that fit your needs.


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We can find the donors that matter most to your cause or campaign - wherever they are.

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Viguerie Political Lists have been providing the fuel for the conservative movement for 50 years. Postal, Phone, Email, Display – we have the donors that you need, on any medium.

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Universe Base Rate Source Type
VIGUERIE SUPERFILE 10,000,000 GOP DONORS 10,000,000 $110.00/M Direct Mail Phone, Postal Find out More
VIGUERIE POWERHOUSE CONSERVATIVE & GOP DONORS 643,934 $100.00/M Direct Mail Phone, Postal Find out More
THE RESPONSE ACTION NETWORK EMAIL UNIVERSE 340,000 $20.00/M Multi Sourced, Opt-in Email, Masterfile Enhanced, Internet/On-Line, Government, Direct Response Email, Phone, Postal Find out More
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